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                              I didn't know I was a Medium until I started taking classes and working with spirit. I tried to help a friend move a spirit on to the other side and found myself out of my body. After that  I started my search of life after death.  I am working from home and offering Readings on the Phone, Skype or in Person. A Reading is $40.00 for a half an hour.  To make an appointment call  775-741-9566 or email hirconectn@char


Life Coach. Call for more information. 775-741-9566

Stress & Anxiety
Struggle & Complexity
Lack of Fulfillment or Purpose
Low Self-Esteem
Unhealthy Relationships
Feeling Blocked or Stuck

Have you had a Reading with me?  I’d love to hear your feedback. Send me an email with your testimonial you must have first and last name in your email . Thank You.  hirconectn@charter.net


 Melani was able to relay the personality of the spirit I was looking to contact. She was told by spirit about a family member praying that they would receive a sign from this spirit which I found out later to be true.  She was also told that  I was stressed about things which I had not relayed to anyone. I am a little more at ease with my life after having a couple of readings by Melani. She has a gentle spirit and I am grateful.   Crissy Garrison


  July 26, 2013 6:22 PM     Melani is able to connect to Spirit. She gives you what she gets, without filtering it making it real and genuine. I highly recommend Melani. Tania Ewing


February 3, 2014/   A communication spirit was identified and the spirit was known to me. Steve was here, My Dad, My Gina, Matt, Grandma, My Guide and after we finished Melani taught me how to began to meditate. Les Graziano


February 4 2014 - I wanted to here from my Daughters Boyfriend and he was their to share and shared what i needed to hear. Other wonderful and inspiring information shared. Holly Van Duzer


February 11 2014 / My grandfather. I knew it was him because he has said something he would have said.  She also said stuff that was happening in my life right now.  Crystal Smith

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People I Recommend

Catherine Cummings-Jyutsu Specialist for treatment call (816) 721-6157

Our revitalizing energy which flow up the back and down the front of the body, can become blocked in 26 safety energy blocks, located throughout the body and in the organs themselves.  As we abuse our bodies in our daily routines, mentally, emotionally, digestively, or physically, our safety energy locking system becomes activated.  The revitalizing energy then flows threw the hands, and can penetrate through clothing, even a brace or a cast. Light pressure goes through the skin and into the bone. Fid pain is present its, because their is blockage and the pain is coming from the person not the pressure.  We don't have to dig into the marrow of the bone. All we have to do is take away the dams.  Mary Burmeiste



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